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Now there’s a homebrewing store in Northridge,  in the

heart of the San Fernando Valley.

Tavern Service

18228 Parthenia Street

Northridge, CA 91325

(818) 349-0287

Open 9-6 Monday-Friday and 9-5 Saturday

For information on Tavern Service’s CO2 refill and delivery site, see http://www.tavernservice.com.

We now carry REFILLABLE oxygen for home brewing! We the only supplier within Los Angeles, Simi Valley, San Fernando Valley and the Santa Clarita Valley that carry oxygen and home brewing.

For $109.50 you get a 14 cf tank, oxygen, a regulator, tubing and a .5 Micron aeration stone. This tank holds over 11 times the amount of the disposable cylinders from the hardware store. It literally pays for itself after going through the first tank. The refill cost only $9.50 so each time you refill your tank you will be saving yourself over $100. Never run out of oxygen again. The Regulator has a gauge so you always know how much you have left in your tank at all times and save yourself a bunch of time running to the store.

Beer Kegs and Draught Beer Supplies

Tavern Service has one of the largest selections of keg beer in Los Angeles.  We have hundreds of kegs available and dozens in stock at any given time.

We carry all kinds of draught beer supplies and equipment for the beer lover.  We have everything from on the spot CO2 refills to keg couplers to complete kegerators that are turn key.  Whether you already own a keg dispensing system and need parts or if you just want to rent a jockey box or pump for a party, Tavern Service can help.

Tavern Service also offers a convenient keg delivery service.  We can drop off kegs, exchange CO2, clean beer lines, or set up a beer system for your home or party.

Homebrewing Supplies and Equipment

We are helping to make the best beer in the world …  yours!

Welcome to the homebeer.com site. We are happy you found us. Our staff is here to help you find that perfect recipe, assemble all your ingredients and answer your questions. How can we help you today?

Use this site to check out our grains, hops and yeast selections, find cool brewing toys, books and recipes. Call or visit us anytime. We would be happy to answer your questions.

If you want to take your brewing to the next level, take one of our “learn to brew” classes. You will learn great tips and techniques, meet some nice folks, and go home with some of the beer from the brew. We hope to see you soon!


10 thoughts on “HOME

    • Yes we are able to refill Soda stream tanks. However you maybe required to change the valve on the tank to one that is refillable. The Refill comes out to $8.99 with tax which is way cheaper than their cylinder exchange program.

    • Buenos Dias. Si tenemos selladores de botellas. Nesitaria la tapa tambien para sellar la botella para si tememos varias. En inventario. Si tiene cualquier otra pregunta por favor denos una llamada; estamos aqui para servirle. Gracias. (818) 349-0287

  1. If I call in ahead with my recipe, do you guys grab all if the ingredients and put them in the side for me to pick up? Just curious.

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