Are you new to brewing, or just want to learn more about it? 

Our Staff has over 50 years of brewing experience and our classes are educational and fun!  Sign up and join us!

beer_school2Sign up for one of our classes to take your brewing skills to the next level.  Learn from our experienced and award-winning brewers, who will explain the best ways to make your brewing experience fun and productive. 

Classes are held on the second Saturday of each month.  We start at 9:00 am and each class will last from 3 to 5 hours, depending on the class topic and the beer we are brewing.     We provide tasters of various beers for you to try during class.  Come and sample several of the beers our experienced staff have made.

We have classes for beginners and intermediate classes for more experienced brewers.   We offer an all-grain brewing class, but we also offer tips on extract and kit brewing for those just getting started.   We believe that teaching from an all-grain stand-point helps you understand  the process of brewing beer more completely.  For those with some brewing experience, do not be worried because we will have plenty of things to teach you as well.  The class fees are $15 – $20 (depending on the Beer Style) and you will be taking home three 22 oz bottles of our shop brew. to reserve your spot!    You can sign up in our store, over the phone (818) 349-0287, or email, and ask him to put your name on the list for the next class.

Please note: we reserve the right to cancel any class that doesn’t have any people pre-registered, so tell your friends and take the class together.

Our next class will be January 9th at 9 AM. We will be conducting our beginning home brewing class. We will be taking one of our Brewers Best kits right off the shelf and making it that day. This is ideal for new brewers who may have gotten a new home brewing kit over the holidays.

We look forward to meeting you! 

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